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Empower Soiree aims to celebrate empowered, successful and supportive women who truly believe in the power of helping other women rise. The event organizers Grace, Chantel and Leanne are on a mission to unite women from various industries and celebrate their brilliance, provide them with opportunities to network, indulge in great food and entertainment, in a luxe ambience designed for the event. All profits from the event will be donated to two deserving charities, the Royal Hospital for Women and Bears of Hope Charity supporting women who experience loss of their baby, who go above and beyond for women’s health, both mentally and physically. Will we be able to count on your support?

RSVP by 2nd March 2023

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Grace Dagher GD Events http://www.gdevents.com.au

Chantel Rahme Makeup Artist & founder of CR Luxury Cosmetics https://www.chantelrahme.com

Leanne Abbas Journalist, mindset, Business Coach & editor of Miss Mindbloom Media


Women supporting Women


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